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Protected and on the market!

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HPG works to promote the protection of our town's historic structures and to advise homeowners who wish to ensure their historic home will be protected from dramatic change or demolition forever.

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We would love to talk with you about your historic home, from any period. If you have any questions about the Local Historic Property designation, please get in touch -
that's why we're here.

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Nathaniel Ferris House

“We welcomed the opportunity to join our neighbors when the Stanwich Road Local Historic District was created. It gives us great satisfaction knowing that this unique historic area will be protected for years to come”.

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“We are second generation LHP homeowners. I grew up in the house and could never imagine that someone would ever want to demolish it. When my mother considered protecting this special property, my brother and I supported her wish to do so knowing that not only was she saving history but also leaving us a legacy of her own. Today I am raising my family in a magical setting that instills in them the unique joys of owning a piece of Greenwich’s history. Truly we are the stewards for the future generations”.

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Gershom Lockwood III House

“An old house has charm that you can’t duplicate or build. I would hate to see this house demolished which is why I chose to protect it”.

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